Student comments

  1. Monique Tello says:

    My kids have been taking classes with Alma and Cristina for months! They like it and they’re doing well.

  2. Joshua Barker says:

    Amazing teacher!! Gracias!

  3. Jocelyn T says:

    My teacher is on time. She is very patient and she picks great lessons to help me learn. She doesn’t mind repeating herself or a lesson for me. I love that she is consistent. She explains everything well and gives examples.

  4. Cheryl Wooden says:

    As a relative beginner, I like being able to speak one one one with the instructor and feel comfortable when I make mistakes. They also are accommodating with your schedule. Very professional!

  5. Amanda Luo says:

    My daughter loves it!

  6. Kate says:

    My daughter loves her Spanish lessons. Alma makes the lessons fun by incorporating crafts and fun activities.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    When I got involved with my son in a session, during which we played games in Spanish as we both learned the language. It was great. The teachers are courteous, friendly and polite. They get engaged and equally enthusiastic about seeing my son learn the language.

  8. Jennifer Roberts says:

    I like that it’s one-to-one support and that the teacher works at a pace that feels comfortable. I’m thankful that the teacher is willing to work with my busy schedule and is flexible to change the meeting time last minute if something comes up. This is perfect for busy individuals that want to learn a language on their own time, it’s very convenient and effective!

  9. Nicole Whitten says:

    Teachers Alma and Maria make it fun and easy to learn!

  10. Alisha Long says:

    Classes are one on one, the teachers are great, they create a judgement free learning space for all levels of spanish learners

  11. Kara Digiacomo says:

    Maria and her sister Ana, who I am currently taking classes with are both great. Very comfortable speaking with them and really do feel like I’m learning. Would 100% recommend !!

  12. Nastassia Bonilla says:

    Everything! She is very patient and a great teacher!

  13. Kathleen Houlihan says:

    Maria is very friendly and does not make you feel uncomfortable if you are not understanding something right away.

  14. Poonam Walia says:

    I have been learning Spanish for about three months with L.S.L now. My teacher is from Guatemala. I received a link to Zoom 15 minutes before class promptly. She makes learning fun, and I enjoy the experience tremendously. and she is extremely patient and thorough with her instructions. I understand conversations in Spanish more every day. Learning is stimulating for someone who has been wanting to learn Spanish for a while. Coming across this opportunity to learn Spanish one on one at a reasonable cost is an additional benefit. I look forward to my classes

  15. Linda Sciaba says:

    I studied Spanish with teacher Isabel . I loved the friendly but professional classes and the convenience of internet classes. The lessons were prepared well and very helpful and made it easy to speak the Spanish language quickly. I highly recommend this school to learn the beautiful Spanish language. I plan to continue my classes soon!

  16. Hannah Thacher says:

    My daughter loves it. I have never seen her so excited about learning nor pay attention to anything this long. I love the setup of the lesson I’ve heard so far and the progression of learning. I also find it very helpful that even in conversation when the instructor is speaking to her she says it in English and then Spanish as well to get her familiar with the language. I wasn’t sure she was going to be able to do it based on her age but I not have full confidence in her because of the instructor. The communication between the instructor and I was great and while I have a crazy schedule with work college and 2 kids she was able to work with me to find times that worked for us. Overall I beyond impressed and I don’t think I could have found a better instructor or program anywhere. If you or your child are looking to learn I’d recommend this woman 150%!!!!!

  17. James Sullivan says:

    Isabelle is a fantastic instructor. I just don’t have the time necessary at the moment. Jim

  18. Robert Medrek says:

    The intense work with an excellent Spanish teacher.

  19. Roslyn Wilenchik says:

    Working on a one on one basis And able to go at my own pace

  20. Arezou Heshmati says:

    Flexible schedule, that can fit mine. Excellent teacher.

  21. Roslyn Wilenchik says:

    I Highly Recommend my Spanish Language Teacher Isabel. She is one of the best teachers and very knowledgeable with much patience.
    Spanish is the 2nd. most important language in the United States.
    Roslyn Wilenchik
    Financial Adviser
    Brooklyn, NY.

  22. Jorge Fernando Tello says:

    I studied Spanish with Cristina Asturias on two separate occasions, and together those experiences were fundamental in helping me to become conversational in Spanish. I had studied Spanish formally through high school and developed some comfort with reading and writing. But my ability to actually speak Spanish or to understand it when spoken in normal conversation and in real-world situations was practically non-existent. With her patient instruction, I was able to develop my conversational skills in a safe and comfortable environment. We did work on advanced grammar and vocabulary-building, but by far the most useful part of her instruction was the time we spent talking together. We could be discussing world events, history, movies or any other topic – even with her steady and careful correction of my grammar and work choice, the learning came effortlessly. With her help I went from a novice in Spanish to somebody who can hold a fairly fluid conversation. I now work as a doctor and I have several Spanish-speaking patients who I see regularly without help from any translator service. I have been able to travel through Latin America with little difficulty as well – I even get complimented on my relative lack of accent. When learning a new language there is no substitute for real-time structured practice, and she is an expert at that.

  23. Carolyn Reid says:

    My experience in Spanish immersion classes with Cristina Asturias was wonderful. I had individual instructions daily for two weeks, and Cristina explained the lessons and clarified all my questions. She is a very kind and good natured teacher, very patient and with good humor. I can highly recommend Cristina as a Spanish instructor!

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