Technology and learning

In the 21st century, technology is a vital resource to facilitate working life and academic life of people, which makes the process of learning have new tools available to facilitate their knowledge. The computer and the cell phone, offer a great diversity of technological resources, no matter the region where they live, which facilitates the accomplishment of a technical work and a global communication process.

Metodoligía of the courses

  1. Texts and Videos: It is an excellent resource to learn interesting topics, in addition to finding music, movies, find documentaries and videos that contribute to the practice of Spanish.
  2. Describing images in a minute: Presenting images in a minute for you to observe and can describe.
  3. Recording a story: Ask the student, during a weekend at home and with the help of the voice recorder of his cell phone, read a story or text of interest.
  1. Biographies: Talk about the life of an important character. And the Student will perform with character Biography scheme, using the application of Prezi Viewer.
  2. Recording Anecdotes: Ask the student that with the help of the video of his telephone, be recorded narrating an anecdote of his personal experience.